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Puncture Patches Not for PVC - Pack of 5

Code: AQ900
Cut a hole in your Submersible or Stormproof Aquapac? Don’t worry, now you can fix it!

Gerber Fire Starter 31-003151 **

Code: 1025312
Gerber’s Fire Starter is a compact, packable survival tool that is easily attached to a backpack or keychain with a lanyard, ensuring you are always prepared.

Coghlans Cooling Towel (6)

Code: C2036
Keep cool in hot weather with Coghlan's Cooling Towel. Using a process called constant evaporation, this towel keeps your skin cool for hours. To activate simply dampen to...

Garmin TOPO GB 1:50k V2 Pro 010-12772-01

Code: 12772-01
Let Garmin guide you on your next great outdoor adventure with a full coverage recreational map for Great Britain.  

Igloo Ice Block Small 00025197 (12)

Code: IG25197
    Keep your cooler cold

CoghlansSilicone Toothbrush Covers (6)

Code: C2094
While traveling or at home, Coghlan’s Silicone Tooth-brush covers keep your toothbrush from getting dirty or contaminated between brushings. The food-grade silicone is f...

Puncture Patches for PVC - Pack of 5

Code: AQ901
Cut a hole in your TrailProof Aquapac? Don’t worry, now you can fix it!

Coghlan 3pk Silicone Travel Bottles 89ml (4)

Code: C1950
3pk Silicone Travel Bottle 89ml

Garmin Backpack Tether 010-11855-00

Code: 11855
This lightweight backpack tether is perfect for conditions that demand hands-free attention.  

Igloo Ice Block Medium 00025199 (12)

Code: IG25199
  Keep your cooler cold

Coghlan Silicone Travel Bottle 89ml Clear (6)

Code: C1955
Silicone Travel Bottle 89ml - Clear

Desiccant Sachets (pack of 5)

Code: AQ905
In humid climates, moisture in the air inside the case can condense into water droplets. A sachet of desiccant will absorb any such moisture, keeping the contents completely d...