Nebo Lil Larry (sold as display box of 18) NE6373

Nebo Lil Larry (sold as display box of 18) NE6373

Box of 18 Lil Larrys with counter-top display 10 x BLACK 4 x SILVER 4 x RED


The Lil Larry knows how to light up a room!


Equipped with new C*O*B LED technology, the Lil Larry outputs 250 lumens of intense light.  Secondary light modes include Low (95 lumens) and the emergency red flash mode.  This intense red light is perfect for distress signalling or roadside emergencies.  The anodized aluminium body and recessed LED housing ensures that the Lil Larry can handle any situation.  It's small size makes this flashlight extremely portable.  

HIGH POWER - 250 lumens, 3 hour runtime, 25 metre beam
LOW POWER - 95 lumens, 10 hour runtime, 16 metre beam
RED FLASH - 10 hour runtime

Anodized aircraft grade aluminium
Water and impact resistant
Powerful magnetic base

Top position ON/OFF button

Powered by 3 AAA batteries (included)

Height: 151mm
Weight: 89g


Product Category
  • Lighting
Product Type
  • COB Work Lights
  • Counter Display Packs