iProtec / Nebo

Columbo 100 NEB-POC-0006-G

Code: NEBP06
100 Lumen Pen Light  

Columbo 150 NEB-POC-0007

Code: NEBP07
150 Lumen Pen Light  

Newton 500 NEB-FLT-0014-G

Code: NEBF14
500 Lumen AAA Handheld Flashlight  

Newton 750 NEB-FLT-0015-G

Code: NEBF15
750 Lumen AAA Handheld Flashlight  

Newton 1000 NEB-FLT-0016 G

Code: NEBF16
1,000 Lumen AA Handheld Flashlight  

Torchy 2k NEB-FLT-1006-G

Code: NEBF06
Rechargeable 2,000 Lumen EDC Pocket Light  

Franklin Slide RC NEB-WLT-0025

Code: NEBW25
Rechargeable 500 Lumen Work Light and Flashlight  

Franklin Pivot RC NEB-WLT-0023 G

Code: NEBW23
Rechargeable 300 Lumen Handheld Work Light  

Davinci 1000 NEB-FLT-0018-G

Code: NEBF18
Rechargeable 1,000 Lumen Handheld Flashlight  

Davinci 2000 NEB-FLT-0020-G

Code: NEBF20
Rechargeable 2,000 Lumen Handheld Flashlight  

Davinci 5000 NEB-FLT-0022-G

Code: NEBF22
Rechargeable 5,000 Lumen Handheld Flashlight

Mycro Headlight

Code: NEB11
The NEBO® MYCRO Headlamp & Cap Light is a rechargeable, hands-free, 400 lumen lighting solution  

Einstein Headlight Cap

Code: NEB04
The EINSTEIN Cap Light is a 50 lumen rechargeable cap light with 3 light modes and features a sensor mode that allows for contactless control of power.  

Einstein 400 Headlight

Code: NEB05
The EINSTEIN 400 is a super low profile, compact rechargeable headtorch featuring two independently controlled light sources  

Einstein 500 Headlight

Code: NEB06
The EINSTEIN Headlamp 500 by NEBO is a low-profile, compact 500 lumen headlamp with 5 light modes.  

Einstein 750 Headlight

Code: NEB09
The EINSTEIN Headlamp 750 by NEBO is a low-profile, compact 750 lumen headlamp with 5 light modes.  

Einstein 1000 Headlight

Code: NEB07
The EINSTEIN 1000 by NEBO is a low- profile, compact 1,000 lumen headlamp with 5 light modes featuring flex power.  

Einstein 1500 Headlight

Code: NEB08
The EINSTEIN 1500 FLEX Headlamp by NEBO is a low-profile, compact 1500 lumen headlamp with 5 light modes featuring flex power  

Galileo Lantern 500

Code: NEL10
Powerful 500 Lumen Lantern and Power Bank  

Galileo Lantern 1000

Code: NEL04
Powerful 1,000 Lumen Lantern  

Nebo Lil Larry (sold as display box of 18) NE6373

Code: NE6373
Box of 18 Lil Larrys with counter-top display 10 x BLACK 4 x SILVER 4 x RED

Nebo Tino Pocket Light (Display Box of 24) NE6809

Code: NE6809
TWO-IN-ONE LIGHT, READY FOR ANY SCENE The NEBO TiNO is a thin, ergonomic pocket light that features a 300 lumen spot light and a 250 lumen C*O*B work light.  Equipped wi...

Big Larry 2 (Display Box Of 14)

Code: NE6737
The Big Larry 2 outputs 500 lumens with the C.O.B work light and 200 lumens from the top flashlight.

Nebo Larry Trio Black/Blue * SOLD IN DISPLAY PK OF 12 *

Code: NE6868
The Trio™ is a powerful 3-in-1 rechargeable penlight featuring a 200 lumen flashlight, 300 lumen C•O•B work light and a red laser pointer. The Trio™ uses...

Nebo Big Poppy ( Sold as a display pack of 12) NE6908

Code: NE6434
The BIG Poppy™ is a combination 300 lumen lantern, bright 120 lumen spot light and realistic flickering flame lantern. The BIG Poppy™ is rechargeable and also serv...

Nebo Blast Rechargeable 3200

Code: NE6697
The newest addition to the REDLINE® BLAST line up is the REDLINE® BLAST RC, a 3200 lumen, waterproof, rechargeable flashlight that is also a power bank for your USB p...

iProtec Pro Poplite Black

Code: IP6557BK
The iProtec PRO POPLITE is a versatile, compact light and lantern. Its expandable design allows the POPLITE to easily change from flood light, to spot light, to lantern, by sl...

iProtec Inspector Pro

Code: IP6713
The PRO INSPECTOR LIGHT is a powerful and compact pen design with 180 lumens of bright light.  Waterproof up to 1 metre deep (IP67 rated), 3X zoom, impact-resistant airc...

iProtec Tac Slyde Pro

Code: IP6746
The PRO TAC SLYDE features a 300 lumen flashlight with 12x adjustable zoom, 5 light modes and a C•O•B lantern feature with 3 light modes, including emergency red fla...

iProtec Pro 200 Lite

Code: IP6544
The PRO 200 LIGHT offers 200 lumens of high intensity light and can throw a spectacularly bright beam over 228 meters.

iProtec Night Commander IP6495

Code: IP6495
The NIGHT COMMANDER is a versatile 3-in-1 LED light, featuring a 240 lumen C•O•B work light, a bright 250 lumen spot light and an intense red light.

iProtec Pro 2400

Code: IP6693
The PRO 2400 LIGHT offers 2,400 lumens of high intensity light, throwing a spectacularly bright beam over 346 meters.