True Utility 2020

True Mini Multi (Keyring) **

Code: TUK195
Small, Strong, and packed with Tools – this stylish MiniMulti packs in a tremendous array of essential tools

True Seven (Keyring)

Code: TUK180
True Utility Seven is a must-have multitool, equipped with 9 handy functions to help you tackle the day.

True Fixr (Daddy) 20 in 1 Multi-Tool ( keyring)

Code: TUK200
This patented carabiner tool simply attaches to your key chain or bag. The FIXR cleverly conceals 20 essential tools within its real leather pouch.

True Scarab (Keyring)

Code: TUK204
Scarab has a unique contoured folding-handle design makes it both comfortable and compact. Serrated needle nosed pliers and wire strippers, Phillips screwdriver, knife, file,...

True Fishface - 18 Tools in 1 (Keyring)

Code: TUK206
FishFace is the perfect pocket tool. It’s an 18 tools in 1 multi functional micro multi tool. Ideal for those every day tasks such as opening boxes, tightening scre...

True Minimalist ( Keyring)

Code: TUK208
The minimalist is a lightweight, slimline pocket tool designed with simplicity in mind. For the minimalists out there, who want to stop carrying too much in their pocket, only...

Cardsmart 30 Tools in 1

Code: TUK207
30 Tools... Credit Card Size  

True Sharkey (Keyring)

Code: TUK214
Sharkey is a key sized toolkit comes with a bite. Complete with 6 screwdrivers, it is also a pry bar and bottle opener, as well as a thread cutter, file and box opener

Keytool (Keyring)

Code: TUK247
This patented, super slim, stainless steel keytool simply wraps around your key with 8 essential daily tools. You won’t even notice you are carrying it – until you...

True Twistick (Keyring) **

Code: TUK248
A beautiful and fully funtional personal corkscrew for all wine lovers.

True Cashstash + (Keyring)

Code: TUK251
The CashStash+ ensures you never go without cash in an emergency.

Nailclip Kit

Code: TUK215
Personal Nail Care Toolkit  

True Firestash (Keyring)

Code: TUK262
The FireStash is revolutionary in lighting fires, encased in in a waterproof canister, no fire is too big for this pocket-sized lighter.

True Laserlite (Keyring)

Code: TUK211
The LaserLite is a two function torch, combining a red laser beam with a powerful LED torch. Never be stuck in the dark again when equipped with this useful everyday carry

True Micro AAA (Keyring)

Code: TUK312
Micro AAA is the smallest AAA battery powered torch in the world. Featuring LED bulb technology, simply twist the head to shine a powerful 50 lumens of bright white light. &n...

True Buttonlite (Keyring)

Code: TUK919
Buttonlite is a fully rechargeable, super powerful mini task light attaches to your bag, shirt, trousers or keychain.

True Turbojet Firewire (Keyring)

Code: TUK407
True Utility TurboJet® FireWire® is the perfect lighter for outdoor use. Have you ever been stuck with a lighter that will not light in harsh, windy conditions? With t...

True Bare (Keyring)

Code: TUK580

True 8pce Stand for Keyring stock. POA

Code: TU8
8 pce Display Stand Contact your Sales Manager or our Office to order.  

True Utility Mycro Knife Sharpner ** Sold in 8's ONLY ** Hang pack

Code: TUH1002
NEW NATRALOCK PACKAGING Small enough to fit on your keyring, the MYCRO Knife Sharpener easily brings your favorite blades back to life.   

True Utility Tweezer Tool Pro ** Sold in 8's Only ** Hang pack

Code: TUH0036
NEW NATRALOCK PACKAGING Introducing the TWEEZER TOOL+ the FEATURES essential micro toolkit that you can take anywhere!  

True Utility Plasma Lighter ** Sold in 8's ** Hang Pack

Code: TUH1001
NEW NATRALOCK PACKAGING The TRUE PLASMA LIGHTER is flameless, FEATURES fuel-free, rechargeable, lightweight, and easy to use

True Utility Key Chain Knife ** Sold in 8's ** Hang pack

Code: TUH7061N
NEW NATRLOCK PACKAGING The MODERN KEYCHAIN KNIFE is a compact FEATURES knife with stylish, modern design.  

True Utility Dual Cutter ** Sold in 6's ** Hang Pack

Code: TUH0002
NATRALOCK PACKAGING Two in one cutting tool